Gary Lineker: ‘Put my 1990 team against a modern team and we’d get murdered’ said maxbetsbobet

“That’s the one thing I’m envious about now. The playing surfaces today are like billiard tables. once I played, once you bought past August it started cutting up. Then it got heavy. It got frosty. Then when it dried, you bought bouncy. The pitches were more testing than the opposition sometimes. You get balls rattled into you, and it’s bouncing everywhere the place. Now it’s ‘boom-boom-boom’. It’s made the sport such a lot better.

“You also can’t just kick people any longer . Imagine Messi within the 80s. Like Maradona they’d be whacking him down. one among the items i really like about Messi is he never play-acts and he always tries desperately to remain on his feet. But if he’d played within the 80s, when basically you had to commit GBH to urge sent off, it might are harder. But there’ve been tons of changes in football. The grounds are better – modern and delightful . And it’s still loved. While there’s always a dark side to football, it’s better placed than it’s ever been.”

Is Klopp’s current Liverpool side among the simplest teams he has seen? “Unquestionably. Man City also. Their numbers during a competitive league tell you that. the sport evolves then , if you set my team from 1990 against a contemporary team, we’d get murdered. But if we had time to adapt, the simplest players then would still be among the simplest now.”

This season the introduction of VAR has been less successful. “It was always getting to have teething problems,” Lineker says. “But they’re hamstrung by the laws – and therefore the offside law really annoys me. I visited see the Ifab [International Football Association Board] a couple of weeks ago. They were very affable and wanted my views. I said the dot thing has got to go. As soon because the blue dots begin you’re in trouble. None folks know exactly where the dots start – and it’s not a transparent and obvious error. So accompany the on-field decision. agen sbobet terpercaya

“I told them what i feel VAR should be. The referee on the pitch needs a mate sitting with of these monitors. He’s watching the sport and he lets it go, lets it go, then he says: ‘Mate, you absolutely fucked up there. You’ve need to change that otherwise you’re getting to look an entire dick.’ That stops the Maradona/Thierry Henry handballs. absolutely the howler. That’s all you would like VAR for.”

Unlike Peter Shilton, whom I interviewed recently, Lineker is admirably philosophical about Maradona’s Hand of God goal from the 1986 World Cup . “The Diego thing doesn’t bother me. Never has. He got away with it. i might never consider doing it but some Argentinian footballers grew up within the roughest conditions. They were able to do anything to win.”

I was contacted by a couple of people in Argentina who, after reading the Shilton interview, acknowledged that if there had been VAR then Steve Hodge would are sent off first for elbowing Maradona within the face. “Yeah. And Diego’s [second] miracle goal wouldn’t are allowed because Glenn Hoddle was hacked down.”

Lineker laughs. “Anyway, if we’d had VAR it might are 1-0 to us and that i scored the winner. Happy days.”